NYC – Day Two

Waking up in the city that never sleeps, leaves some awful bags under your eyes! Its true, NYC is never a dull moment, including late at night when they are doing construction outside of your hotel window. The slight lack of sleep called for a coffee stop ASAP on day 2 of New York!



Bluestone Lane is officially my favorite coffee shop and breakfast stop EVER! Please come to Seattle, we will appreciate you so endlessly. They have the cutest decor and atmosphere. The avocado toast and brekky granola are divine and the coffee is amazing. The brand originates from Australia and has storefronts all over NYC (and one brand new one in San Fran, if you’re closer to there!)

After a cuppa joe and some grub, we headed off to walk the High Line. Its a beautiful elevated park that used to be the New York Central Railroad.




The views of the city from the High Line are breathtaking and make incredible photo stops! It also ends right near Chelsea Market, which is a great place to grab some lunch or some fun gifts for your friends back home.

On our way to lunch, we stopped by the “Friends” Apartment. This is the building that they filmed the outside of for the tv show Friends!


We grabbed a cheap slice at Joe’s Pizza for lunch and immediately trekked on towards dessert.

One of the stops I was most excited for was a place called Dō which serves cookie dough like scoops of ice cream! I got a little overly excited and ordered two scoops, when one would have been PLENTY. The cookie dough is extremely tasty, but also very rich.


We took our dough to go and ate at Washington Square Park, just up the block. The park was bustling with creatives including:

  • a poet who will write you a custom sonnet for a fee aimlessly walking around the fountain
  • a hip-hop dancer & “help” who was only enlisted to carry her giant boom box around
  • a creepy young man walking around looking “lost” only for us to later notice he was being filmed for a video of some sort
  • a student asking the question “what would you do if the government gave you a $1000 a month, no strings attached.”
  • MANY MANY musicians (one of which was playing a kazoo, I think)




We walked over to the corner of the park where there are chessboards set up for people to play. A gentleman sat down with us and taught us some tricks of the game and we played chess with him for about an hour! Then it was back to the hotel for a quick rest before Em & I scurried off to see Dear Evan Hansen on Broadway.

Our Broadway & Times Square adventures will be a post of their own, because they are just TOO much to add as an “end note” here.

Only one day of NYC left! Goodness, I miss it there.

Sincerely, Me

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