Here are a few of my TOP fave products! Check out a full Beauty Book of products HERE!

LipSense: The Magic “Never-Comes-Off” Lipstick ($25)


This stuff is pure magic. The colors are gorgeous and it truly does wear through ANYthing! I am not joking when I say that I have worn it during eating a rack of ribs and it looked PERF after. Applied in three easy layers this stuff will stay all day. This is the magic of SeneGence.


Glosses: Make those lips look glossy! ($20)

Lip Gloss(3)_Matte

This is the product that seals the LipSense and helps it stay all day! I was worried that it would be sticky and make my lips dry. This is the most moisturizing lip gloss you will ever wear! It isn’t sticky or too “glossy.” It feels more like a chapstick or lip balm, but also keeps your lips looking flawless!


ShadowSense: No more “falling” eyeshadow ($22)


Have you ever been doing your eye shadow and then have specks of color all over your under eyes and cheeks after? Then a few hours goes by and its like you never applied eye shadow in the first place?! Ugh. Same. But not with ShadowSense! Its a creme to powder and stays all day without having to use a primer underneath!


LashSense: No more crunchy lashes ($28)

VolumeIntense Mascara(2)

I obviously have naturally long lashes, I know. So you’d think that mascara doesn’t matter too much to me, but its the opposite. I LOVE a good mascara. But I also hate a mascara that looks great but leaves my lashes feeling crunchy and falls off under my eyes leaving black streaks. Enter VolumeIntense Mascara! It goes one SO beautifully and makes my lashes have so much volume. But I don’t end up with black undereyes and crusty eyes!


Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer: Your New Daily Best Friend ($45)


I’m a big fan of tinted moisturizer over foundation! It feels lighter but often I don’t get enough coverage and color matching is a PAIN. This CCTM fixed all of that. It color corrects up to 5 shades up and down. It is light and airy, but gives amazing coverage! I don’t go a day without it!